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No matter what your mowing or cutting needs, one of Bush Hog’s multi-spindle rotary cutters is the perfect choice... the right implement for your tractor and cutting requirements.
The wide selection of models, sizes, cutting widths, and hitches offered by these rotary cutters makes it easy to select the perfect tool for your specific job and budget. And our offset versions are ideal for orchard work.
For a center hitch you can select a self-leveling, pull type mower or a three point Category ll and lll standard and quick hitch. A Category ll and lll semi-mount hitch is also available, and is a good, economical choice for use behind smaller horsepower tractors. Offset models are offered with either pull or semi-mount hitches.
Select manual or hydraulic lift, single or dual axles on pull models, laminated or used aircraft tires. Whatever your application for rotary cutting, you can equip each model to do your precise cutting job. CONSTRUCTION
When it comes to construction, you don’t get a lot of choices. That’s because Bush Hog® has built every model to outperform and outlast other mowers.
Rugged construction is a standard feature. Strongbacks are 7 gauge box steel, and rubber cushioned axles give you plenty of load protection when working on rough terrain. Drivelines are fully shielded and tough slip clutches are standard on all models. Deep side bands and high blade tip speeds assure better cutting performance. Round blade pans are standard equipment.
3210 Pull Model
Rated for Min. 50 HP Tractors
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